Over the Weekend: Phil & Derek’s, Fenty Beauty & More!

Over the Weekend: Phil & Derek’s, Fenty Beauty & More!

The weekend has now come to an end and as usual I am not happy about it. Lol! This past weekend I had a lot planned with my friends birthday, to my desperate need of a good brunch aannd getting my hands on some Fenty Beauty. I did end my weekend on a positive note with having an early Sunday dinner with my better half!

So lets get right to it!

P H I L & D E R E K ‘ S

My close friend Ronda is really into make-up like she’s  damn near a pro! I knew that she would definitely be down to go try on some Fenty Beauty at Sephora this past weekend. She then suggested we do brunch before, and then go and get our lives with this new make-up line Rhianna just launched. I wanted to try a new place, but then I was like nah I haven’t had my Phil and Derek’s fix in a while! And of course Ronda was down!

Phil and Derek’s is absolutely the best! Did I mention it is black owned as well?! For $30 you can get a Southern Style Brunch Buffet WITH bottomless mimosas. I remember my first time going to this place was when it was located near Westhiemer, and over time it got so popular that if you did not make it by 12pm you were not going to get seated. Luckily the owner moved to a bigger space, with a FULL bar (the old location was a wine bar only), a patio, and a DJ who keeps the place jumpin’! Phil and Derek’s is easily in my top 5 favorite places to brunch in Houston!

Pictured is bacon, cheese grits, chicken wings, waffles, and of course Pomegranate mimosas! 🙂

*Random Fact(s): If you are in a party of 3 or more they will bring you carafes of mimosas at a time! Also we went at 12pm on Saturday and their was literally no wait! Just make sure your entire party is there to be seated. 🙂



So if you know me I’m pretty sure you’re shocked I was even interested in this because make-up is not something that I’ve always been in to. Honestly, this is still very new for me I still don’t get into the all that contouring, because first of all I SWEAT and I don’t have time for that lol. It just SEEMS like a lot! Right now I’m using Clinique and I love it, but I wanted to try something new.  I was originally looking into ‘Make-up Forever’ foundation however, I was scared that it would have been TOO natural for me (I need coverage lol).  So then walaaaa I saw Rhianna was releasing her make-up line! I really adore Rhianna she is hilarious, she’s a boss, and I enjoy her music…but listen when I saw ‘Trophy Wife’ I fell in love! So my friend and I went to try on some of her products at Sephora, and I absolutely went crazy. I am actually ashamed at how much I spent!


I bought the Pro Filter Foundation, Matchstix Almond, Trophy Wife Killawat Highlight, and the highlight brush. See I told you I kind of lost my mind! I’m loving the products so far. The foundation is light weight, and it has the perfect coverage for me! The highlight is everything and my matchstix looks really nice on my complexion. Overall I’m pleased. I probably could have gotten a cheaper brush…but I’m extra.



Okay, so I’ve been to Bar Louie before in Dallas, but I do not remember it being so cheap! I also don’t remember what I ate or if I even enjoyed it. A lot of places I’m going to be blogging about are places I have been to before, only because I  never captured anything. I’m trying to be a little more consistent, and I feel that I’ve cheated you guys out of so many great places! Bar Louie is definitely a place I cheated you guys out of. Bar Louie is a cool, chill spot, and I believe they have live music on Fridays and Saturdays!

Blackened Salmon Sliders…with bacon! They were amazing!  There was also a pesto mayo spread on it. Absolutely delicious! Only thing is next time I would probably get extra pesto mayo on the sliders.

Ashley got the Chicken Tuscan Pasta, and she loved it!
This is called the “Stone Fruit Sangria” it was very refreshing! It is made with Prosecco which is my favorite!

Bar Louie has a happy hour that is Monday through Friday from 4pm to 7pm. They also have brunch Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 3pm with $2 mimosas! Thank me laterrr!


If you haven’t been to Phil & Derek’s for brunch or just a random dinner on a Thursday night you are definitely missing out! Also, check out Fenty Beauty at Sephora! The good thing about Sephora is they give out samples, and they accept returns as long as the products are more than half full. And don’t forget about Bar Louie! I went to the Sugarland location, but they also have one in the Willowbrook area! Let me know what you guys decide to try!






Foodie Love: Jupiter Pizza & Waffles Co. x The Rouxpour

Foodie Love: Jupiter Pizza & Waffles Co. x The Rouxpour


So Hurricane Harvey has really put a damper on the city for the last few days! I am definitely praying for our city and all of the other cities that were hit horribly (Rockport, Beaumont, Port Arthur, Winnie, etc.) you guys are in my heart!

Before the hurricane hit I was able to visit a place I’ve always wanted to try, Jupiter Pizza and Waffle Co. ! First of all I went on a Saturday so NO happy hour specials in sight. I didn’t mind though but I’ll will absolutely return for the happy hour. Their happy hour is Tuesday through Thursday 3 to 7!

Anywho, I called my home girl and told her and her wife to beat me there. I love friends who are always down to ride out for some food! (lol)


This dish is called ‘The Fat Bastard” and everything about this dish was fat and good! lol Next time I would probably 86 the maple sausage. Everything else was perfect! Oh and my egg is prepared over medium 🙂



jupiter 2
My homies tried ‘The Southern Belle’. That chicken was everything…EVERYTHING. I would HIGHLY recommend this dish!


Jupiter 3
Of course mimosas were a given! Pomegranate by the way! The pitchers are a bit much ($40) but, if you go with friends you can split it. It’s $8 for an individual glass.


Jupiter 4
I thought this was so cool and nerdy! This is how they bring you your check! Isn’t this neat?!



Moving right along…

T H E  R O U X P O U R

So..my favorite food/travel bloggers 2 Girls Who Travel called me, and wanted to do a little post Harvey drinking so of course I was down! They suggested The Rouxpour in Sugarland, and I was super excited because I’ve heard so many great things about this place!

This place was wonderful, and we were able to catch them for happy hour! PRAISE BREAK! I actually needed a break from being stuck in the house for almost a week! Hurricane Harvey was on our backs! The Rouxpour was definitely made things a little better. The happy hour is also 3 to 7 Monday through Friday.

This lovely delish dish is called ‘Crab Fingers Rouxpour’, and that lemon butter sauce (I’m assuming it was lemon butter lol) was everything!


HANGOVER FRIES!!! The meat was so tender and flavorful! I was thinking maybe an egg would be added because of the name, but it didn’t even need it! This is like a perfect appetizer, and its on the happy hour menu!


This was the perfect Lemon Drop! I usually don’t drink clear liquor, but if I do it’s most likely a fancy looking drink like this. Lol


I hope you guys like the quality of my pictures, I am trying to do better lol! Check these places out, and let me know how you like it!




Foodie Love: 4 Places You Must Try!

Foodie Love: 4 Places You Must Try!

Hey guys! So I’m giving you two posts at once since I’ve been gone so long. I hope I’m not overwhelming you guys!

Okay, so back to the regularly scheduled program! Since I’ve been gone just because I haven’t blogged in a while that hasn’t stopped me from trying new places in Houston, and the surrounding areas!

The General Public: I went there for brunch recently actually. The atmosphere is pretty dope, and it is not crowded at all! The brunch ended at 2:30pm and we got there at 2:35pm, and they STILL let us order brunch! I ordered the Shakshuka which is a Middle Eastern tomato based dish with a side of bacon. It was soooo good, I’ve BEEN wanting to try Shakshuka for the longest, and it did not disappoint me.  Oh yeah, and they have $1 mimosas. Get your behinds there this weekend!

The Burger Joint: I went to the Burger Joint a couple of months ago. I’ve always seen it when I would go to BB’s, but I never stopped and tried it. If you know me you know how much I love burgers! This restaurant is an outside place, and I THINK you can bring your fury friends there as well! When I came here I ordered the BBQ burger, only because BBQ burgers usually come with bacon and cheese lol. This was by far the best burger I have ever tasted, and yes I got it cooked medium. Because why are you eating well done burgers?? Also the milkshakes are everything! Get the cookies and crème kind and you will be very happy you did! Check this place out ASAP!

Kitchen 713: THIS PLACE IS EVERYTHING. Can someone find out for me if its black owned? I think it is! That’s not the only reason I loved it though lol. I went here for a birthday dinner during HRW, (Houston Restaurants Week) cool right? The dinner course was $35 not bad. I ordered the Thai Chicken for an appetizer. It was okay, not the best probably because it was fried so damn hard. My main course is what took me out! I ordered the Vinegar Braised Oxtails. The oxtails were so damn big and tender, I could not take it. It came with a side of fried rice, and green beans. The green beans were great! For dessert I had the sweet potatoe bread pudding. I’ve never even heard of such a thing but it was amazing! Kitchen 713 is kind of expensive so if anything definitely take advantage of HRW for lunch or dinner which will be going on until September 1st. If you miss HRW I still encourage you guys to try this place out!

Tilas: If you are a Tequila person you will absolutely love this place. They have over 80 different varieties of Tequila! I visited this place a couple of weeks ago with some of my close friends. We went for brunch on the patio, only because I had my fur baby with me! Yes this place is definitely pet friendly! I ordered the breakfast tacos which was a DIY type of plate, it was cool just not traditional. I also split the bottomless mimosa special with my homies (so I do not know the exact price sorry!), but I do know I spent less than $20. I love Mexican food so I have no doubt that the regular menu is just as great!

I am SO sorry I do not have any pictures to justify any of these places (I am going to do better!)  but trust me these places are pretty damn good! Let me know which one’s you try!



Break up to Make-up

Break up to Make-up

I’m evolving into such a girly girl now like I pay attention to everything I put on my body and I try to pay attention to everything I put in my body..well kinda..LOOK IM WORKING IT! (lmao)

I started getting my lashes done a couple months ago, I try to get my nails done every 2-3 weeks, and I try to keep my hair done on a monthly or every other month basis depending on what style I have. So its like everything comes together for me..everything but my got damn make-up!

I’ve been using MAC products since I was 16 years old. I never really had an issue with my make-up until now, and I’m 28 years old. Probably because when I was younger all this highlighting and contouring bullshit wasn’t a thought I just put my Studio Fix on and went on about my day! Oh and my ‘Ooh Baby’ lip gloss.

Recently I’ve been looking a bit ashy by the face and since its the summer and my complexion has gotten darker my current foundation hasn’t been really covering much, and let me not get on my eyebrows! I bought this cheap angle brush and it wasn’t angling a damn thing! I also bought a cheap concealer that was not “blendable” at all! It actually made my skin super dry.  I was getting so annoyed with my make up I was ready to throw everything that was MAC away, and I was over going back to the MAC store to get new make-up just to continue to look ashy. Actually I was over MAC when they discontinued ‘Show-off’ which was an eyebrow gel I LOVED! MAC always getting rid of the good shit!

After complaining to one of my close friends about my make up she told me to take my behind to Sephora and try them out. She kept saying “You know its a lot more make-up brands out there other than MAC!”. I’m like girrrrrl MAC is who I can afford! I eventually got annoyed enough to get up and go see what Sephora was talking about.

I went to the Sephora in Sugarland, and as soon as I walked in I was greeted and immediately helped. I forgot the young woman’s name who helped me, but she was awesome and so patient. I even went there with the brushes I use to see if I was using the right ones, and why I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I ended up spending…a lot lol about $100.  (bae helped..get you a bae who cares about your face lmaooo) I think it’s so cool how Sephora uses this tool to match your skin tone! MAC would have just piled different foundation colors on my poor cheeks, well that’s what I have experienced in the past. Sephora really helped me, and I’ve been loving my make-up so far!

Here is some of the things I bought:

Clinique Foundation+Concealer

Cover FX finishing powder

A dual ended Anastasia Angle/Spoolie brush

Sephora brand concealer


Never be afraid to step outside of the box, and never be afraid to spend a couple extra dollars on quality. I’m slllooooowwwwlllyyy learning this! I can’t be cheap when it comes to make-up, clothes, and skin care. Next I plan on trying some skin care products from Sephora that helps with oily skin. Actually, if you have any advice on skin care products please let me know!




Brunch Time: Biskit Junkie

Brunch Time: Biskit Junkie

I’m almost certain my favorite time of the day is Brunch!

So for those of you who know me personally know that I will never pass up on a good brunch spot! I found Biskit Junkie on Instagram from someone I follow. What caught my attention was them bringing their own liquor to the place. I was like I HAVE TO TRY  THAT ASAP! Finding BYOB places in Houston is like trying to find a reason to why Trump is President-Elect..IMPOSSIBLE!

So of course I gathered my entourage (lol) told them to bring a bottle of champagne and meet me at Biskit Junkie.

Before I arrived I already knew to expect parking to be dreadful just by reading some of the reviews on Yelp. However, when I arrived I lucked up and got a parking spot right in the front of the building! YAY! The building is kind of small so the parking lot was equivalent. However, they also have street parking so make sure you READ the signs! We also arrived at around 12:30pm, so I think the earlier the better!

When we walked into the restaurant they had IPads set up where you can order from, and the menu board was above the IPads. But if you know me Yelp had already told me what I was getting. Actually all of my friends knew exactly what they wanted lol. We ordered our food, and went to sit on the patio, which was LOVELY by the way. The weather was definitely on our side!


I ordered the Braised Benedict. I looooooove runny eggs! So I just knew I was getting a Benedict. My Benedict came with a side of grits but I added cheese, because negros love cheese! My meal was great….BUT I should have ordered what my best friend ordered. Which was the ‘Hungry Man’, YALL OMG THE CHICKEN WAS SO JUICY AND FLAVORFUL! I died twice and came back when I tried it. I WISH I COULD HAVE SWITCHED MY ORDER, but I did not want to be THAT girl. Lol this place is known for their homemade biscuits, which were amazing, soft, buttery, and moist. (Gosh I’m getting hungry just writing this!)

‘The Braised Benedict’



‘Hungry Man’



Now, they do not have anything other than soda, orange juice and coffee. Of course we ordered orange juice to go with our champagne, but get this…the orange juice was 5 FIVE 1234 5 DOLLARS. I mean I guess I can’t be too upset we brought like 6 bottles of Champagne in the restaurant, so I’ll pay the 5 (in my Martin voice).

Another thing if you do not like pulp in your orange juice, then you might want to bring a different kind of liquor. The orange juice was made fresh in front of us so it had ample amounts of pulp in it, but it didn’t bother me personally.

**Side note I called ahead of time to see if we can bring our own juice the guy over the phone said no, but of course I saw someone who brought their own juice and champagne. So I guess try it at your own discretion.

Overall you need to gather your group of friends, grab your favorite bottle, and head down to this family own establishment. You will not be disappointed! 🙂




Over the Weekend: BAR Talk, Food Trucks, Friends, & More!

Over the Weekend: BAR Talk, Food Trucks, Friends, & More!

This weekend was a pretty chill weekend for me compared to a lot of other weekends. Usually its a birthday celebration, break-up celebration, baby celebration, wedding celebration its always something! However, this weekend was a go with the flow kind of weekend.

Saturday was pretty cool my co hosts and I recorded a new episode (which is out right now!) with a very cool special guest.

The homie DJ Jay-Skillz came to show to drop some major knowledge about being single at 30, how to properly be single, and how he’s taking over the NOLA radio waves! Our New Episode is out now! Search BAR Talk on iTunes, Google Play, and SoundCloud! Check out our new logo below! We have big things coming, and I can’t express enough how proud I am of my co-hosts and I!

Okay moving on to Saturday night! I usually try to try new bars, or restaurants on the weekend because that is usually when I have the time. So this weekend my homie from DC came out to Houston to visit for a couple of days, and she wanted to go have a drink or 3 🙂 lol which just so happens to be my favorite thing to do on a Saturday night! So we decided to go to (well I suggested) Kung Fu Saloon. Now, the location in Dallas I heard is a bit well pretty much racist so I wouldn’t suggest going to that one, but the one in Houston never lets me down! Until that night…it was just so crowded and lot bumping and not enough people saying “excuse me” I think it was just not a good night, and I will have to try again another Saturday lol.

Anywho! The best part of the night was…yes you guessed it the FOOD! On the way out I ran across two amazing food trucks that was outside of Kung Fu Saloon.

The first Food Truck was Pocket to Me. Now, I’ve been trying this pescatarian lifestyle for about almost two weeks now, and I wanted to stick with it so I chose to grab something with no land meat on it. So I got the ‘Wicked Fries’ w/no spicy sausage (and yes I was a little sad about it), but it was amazing with out it! So much flavor, and cheese ( I LOVE CHEESE..it’s probably a bit sad how much cheese makes me happy…reason number 3983 why I would never go Vegan!). It also had spicy sour cream, jalapenos, yellow onions and green onions. It was finished with what I would assume was creole seasoning! Unfortunately, this place hasn’t posted to their Instagram since 2013, unless a new one has been made. Just look for the red food truck sitting outside of Kung Fu Saloon on Washington!

The second place was called Cajun Bayou Boss…and oh..my..damn! First of all Cajun food is one of my all time favorites, my mom is from Louisiana so that’s all I know basically! So I’m standing there devouring my fries lol and I’m reading the menu and I see “Crawfish Truffle Mac and Cheese” and I almost died. I was almost mad I got the fries lol (too many carbs in one night)..but being the food blogger that I am I HAD to try it!

I know the picture is trash..but I just wanted to show you guys…it was so many crawfish tails, and the truffle was HEAVY! Which didn’t bother me because I love truffle but, I just wanted to warn the ones who don’t!

Lastly, my partner in crime is such a wing eater! Wings are ordered 9 times out of 10 WHERE EVER we go! So she tried the wing combo which of course came with fries. The wing sauce had a sweet, spicy, garlicky taste it reminded me of jerk chicken KIND of. She doesn’t really like weird mixes, so this wasn’t as appetizing as she would have hoped however, I’m weird so I’m sure I would have enjoyed the chicken! Cajun Bayou Boss has an Instagram, and they actually tell you where they will be parked!

Whenever you are on Washington Ave. check these food trucks out! I’m sure its a million more on Washington and I am determined to try them all! Until next time! And yes I promise to take better pictures of my food!




Hidden Gem of The Month: Eight Row Flint

Hidden Gem of The Month: Eight Row Flint

Okay so.. I know I have been slacking I am so sorry! I’ve been so under the weather and in pain for the last two weeks! But now I am feeling much better and in a giving mood! So I am going to do a ‘Hidden Gem of the Month’ each month to help you guys spice up your social experiences right here in H-Toooown!

First up: Eight Row Flint

I love meeting new people because they always open up a new door in your life, and you get to always try new things. So my friend Lauren and her gf are very close friends with Ashley and I, and we often hang out. So on this particular day they told us to meet them at Eight Row Flint. I have NEVER heard of this place but you know I am always down to try new shit!

This. Place. Is. Uh-MAZING! From the atmosphere, to the food, the service, and the drinks I did not leave disappointed. I actually left with a major buzz! (lol)


Eight Row Flint offers a LONG list of Whiskies and Bourbons, and if you love brown liquor like me then you’ll love this place. They have every type of bourbon from Wild Turkey to Four Roses, and every type of Whiskey from George Dickel White Whiskey to Stranahan Diamond Peak Whiskey. All of the bourbons, and whiskies are made right here in the United States! They also have frozen drinks and specialty cocktails if you’re really not a Bourbon or Whiskey drinker. Drink prices range from $3 to $40 (not too toooooo bad!).

My favorite is their ‘Cheap Thrills’ special which is a shot of Jameson, Four Roses Yellow, OR Old Forrester for $3! Add a Miller High Life for just $1!!! They also have Whiskey Flights where you can try 3 different ones for about $20! I did not forget about my beer lovers, they have a pretty good selection with some local favorites!

**side note this place is located in a area of the Heights that is considered a ‘dry’ area. So if you’re new to this place they will have to register you to be in this ‘club’ so they can serve you alcohol!

Also Happy Hour is 2-6 Monday through Friday(Food and Drinks) and All Day on Wednesday! (Drinks only)

Now, lets get on the food.

They have the BEST veggie Yes I said VEGGIE Tacos! Brussel Sprouts, charred onions, Radish, Crema, and Queso Fresco all in one corn taco! Absolutely amazing! They also have other options like nachos, tostadas, chips and dip, as well as quesadillas! A cool thing about this place is that they have an actual food truck in the back that makes your food, and the waiter brings it right out to you! (I did not get a good picture of my taco, however just TRUST me on this!)

Last but not least…I absolutely love the fact that they have ONE restroom. That is totally awesome! I was confused at first when I saw a man washing his hands I thought I walked into the wrong restroom! But no, one restroom is for everyone! Yaaaasss Eight Flint Row for this no gender specific restroom!


If you’re looking to relax with a good drink and great food then this is the place for you! Just make sure you bring your jackets, because this place is located in a garage type venue! THANK ME LATER!



Special Delivery: 4 Reasons You Need Blue Apron In Ya Life

Special Delivery: 4 Reasons You Need Blue Apron In Ya Life

So I was introduced to Blue Apron by one of my home girls, and her girlfriend. She sold me when she said she could get me a FREE trial. She was telling me how easy the meals were, and how culturally different every meal was. I was excited because I LOOOVE to cook, especially with ingredients I have never used before.

Blue Apron comes with 3 easy meals, with everything you need. I mean you can even order wine on the website! Who doesn’t love wine?!

I’m going to give you FOUR reasons you need to try Blue Apron!

Spicy Hoisin Chicken and Broccoli



IF you know someone who has Blue Apron, they could actually send you a FREE trial. Or you can sign up and get up to $30 off of your first purchase! (I actually have TWO free trials left to give away. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE)


After your first meal trial you will have to pay 59.99 if it’s just you or if it’s you and bae. If you have a bigger family it would be 69.99.

Now, the price is high as hell I know! However, you can skip any week you want if your money is not working with Blue Apron, OR if you’re not feeling the menu. You could also just cancel if you’re not satisfied. No penalty.


The ingredients are ALWAYS FRESH! Seriously, they send you information on certain produce or vegetables  that they have highlighted for that specific week. So you know exactly where your vegetables are grown etc. I always find this interesting, because again I love to cook. So if you do too, you’ll really enjoy this!


The meals come with EVERYTHING, including a step by step guide to show you how to prep and cook your meal. This includes pictures as well for my people who are not kitchen savvy.

If your meal does not come out like the picture they send, then it’s probably a user error. (sorry not sorry lol)

cod sandwhich.jpg
Cod Sandwhich with an Endive Salad (favorite!)



****Also you will learn so much like; the proper way to zest a lemon, or mince a ginger root. You can take the things you learn and apply it to your everyday cooking! THE GREATEST SCAM EVER! (lol)

Just take your ass to Blue Apron and sign up! OR if you want to get that FREE trial I have hit me up! You will not regret it! If you have already tried or currently using Blue Apron tell me how you’re liking it!